About Us


The Early Years

The Fern and Nature Society of the Philippines, Inc. (FNSPI), originally established as Fern Society of the Philippines in 1975. The main objective is the preservation through propagation of ferns and other indigenous and endemic flora species in the Philippines. The Society adopted the fern as its symbol, a reminder of the lush tropical rainforests that once dominated the country.


The first office of the FNSPI was at the National Museum in Manila. It’s current office is now at Ark Avilon, Frontera Verde, Pasig City.

The Society is governed by its Board of Directors elected by the General Membership during the annual General membership meeting in November. The Board Directors will elect among themselves the officers consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor.

The term of a member of the Board and/or Officer is two years with possible re-election.

The Society meets every 2nd Saturday of each month.

The Society has the following standing committees: Ways and Means, Membership, Sunshine, Publicity, Documentation, Special Trips, Special Projects, Education and Lectures and Show Participation.

Funds are generated mainly from the Annual Membership Fees and endowments from members and non-member of the Society. Other sources of funds come from proceeds of other projects and activities.

Membership in the Society is by invitation of existing members of the Society and upon approval by the Membership Committee.

Current Officers and Board of Directors, 2015-2016

The Officers of the Society are: (President) Joaquin H. Gaw; (Vice President) Leonor Berroya, (Secretary) Dario L. Logmao, (Treasurer) Letty P. Ligon. The following are the Directors: Emmanuel Viado, Imelda Sarmiento, Adoracion Bernabe, Corazon Claudio and Carmelita Manlapaz. (Ex-Officio) Oscar Duque and (Adviser) Nonito A. Dolera.


FNSPI is recognized internationally through its participation in international exhibits held in Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. The FNSPI participated in the 10th APOC Exhibit held in Goyang City, Korea and in several international orchid and plant shows. FNSPI was the Champion in the Johor-Bahru International Orchid and Plant Show at Johor-Bahru, Malaysia in 1988. Bronze Award in the 3rd International Flower Festival in Sanya City, China. And garnered several plaques of recognition for most of the other participated exhibitions.

The Society is frequently invited and participates in exhibits conducted by other local plant societies like the Philippine Horticultural Society, where FNSPI exhibit was awarded as the Most Outstanding Exhibit. Similarly at the UP-Los Banos Garden Show in 1995, FNSPI was awarded the Best Landscape Exhibit.

FNSPI supports government projects through participation in project such as the FloriKultura 1998 sponsored by Department of Tourism held in Paskuhan Village, San Fernando, Pampanga. FNSPI participated in several government tree planting and greening programs of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Among its many civic projects FNSPI developed the Fern Garden at the National Museum. FNSPI landscaped the frontage of the Philippine General Hospital. And in 2014 FNSPI established the Fern Garden at Quezon City Memorial Circle.

In line with its advocacy, FNSPI conducted a plant exhibition on “ The Versatile Fern “ in 1995. Lectures and demonstration on Ferns were held for members and guests. The Society encourages and holds landscaping competitions among its members and other plant societies.

FNSPI supported the programs and activities of other environmental groups such as the Orchidarium Project of Clean and Green Foundation; the Arroceros Forest Park of Winners Foundation as well as the Earth Day Network Philippine Inc. tree planting and reforestation.


FNSPI is a member of the prestigious Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), an international grouping of institutions with an interest in promoting botanic gardens worldwide. FNSPI has and continues to collaborate with various individuals and government in establishing Botanic Gardens in keeping with its advocacy.


FNSPI published a book entitled: Ooops, Don’t Throw Those Weeds Away! Authored by members: Nonito A. Dolera, Camen O. Florento, Maur A. Lichauco and Flor G. Tarriela. The book showcases the economic uses and value of various species of weeds and other plants.

FNSPI members supported the publication of “Philippine Native Trees 101 Up Close and Personal” showcasing the value of endemic and indigenous trees.


FNSPI continues to pursue its advocacy through the active participation of its members in the various current and future projects of the Society.